Remote Monitoring

Automate on-site rail condition inspections

In the late '90s, OmniView began as a local tool installed at individual interlockings to record events for review by the technicians on site

Today, OmniView collects data sources and visualises them in one insight tool

Hosted in the cloud, and accessible offline, it’s enabling hundreds of track maintainers to not only get alerts about assets that have failed, but also predict which assets are likely to fail.


  • 350+ in Singapore and Hong Kong
  • 400 in the UK
  • Voltage, Current, Time to move, Direction
    (unlock, traverse and lock)

Level Crossings

Over 10% of 1,259 targeted level crossing in the UK


near real-time performance alerts


100+ Principal Supply Points monitored
Client example: SBS Transit, Singapore

Our predictive analytics avoided a catastrophic points failure.

Our data showed the escalation. We alerted the client, and they found a very loose control arm at full extension.

Once sensors are installed, from day one, OmniView provides users with a suite of pre-configured alarms and prognosis indicators

Gain an insight into the active state as well as changes in health states over time
Prevent costly and disruptive line closures through continuous data-driven maintenance
Replace quarterly manual inspections with safer and more efficient remote testing
Provide decision support to improve asset lifespan
Proof of crossing operation for dispute resolution
Telemetry-based data permits insights surrounding degradation

We turn 24/7 monitoring into diagnostics with the help of data—delivering insights and decreasing manual inspections.

Richard Parkinson
Project Engineer, Omnicom Balfour Beatty