Train-borne monitoring of rail infrastructure

Capturing rail data for operational stability

Since our start in 1998, we’ve grown to handle the UK's largest rail data set, and served most of the major international OEMs.

Mobile Monitoring

We deliver maintenance efficiency through survey grade data management
—at 0.8mm resolution.

By integrating camera and lidar systems, rail engineering, and regulatory expertise, after just one pass, we can trigger 'preventative insights' for track managers.
Network Rail: Train-borne monitoring for reduced delays + safer railways.
Another example:

A passenger train found a rail defect. We used mobile monitoring to alert us of the event and the timeline that this occurred.

Mobile Measurement

From rotating lasers to traditional Total Station, our measurement systems automate geomatics.

With our growing ability to plot trends over periods, 
clients compound their value with us over years.

  • surveying
  • mobile mapping
Remote Monitoring

Replacing inspections with ongoing remote testing
(every operation)

A record of operation, insights on degradation, and informed asset lifespan decisions.
200+ sites

With labour shortages and the need to optimise rail assets over multiple years, AI will be the maintenance star of the decade. Book a call with us if curious.

Sanjay Razdan
Managing Director